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Who We Are

At the heart of Blended Concept lies a commitment to redefine the essence of business success. We are a consortium of visionary consultants, expert strategists, and passionate educators dedicated to advancing the triad of sustainability, empathic leadership, and organizational wellness.

Blended Concept’s mission is to invigorate and elevate businesses to not only participate in the global dialogue on sustainability and leadership but to lead it.

What We Pledge

At Blended Concept, we’re not just consultants; we’re your partners in fostering a thriving workplace.

Our Commitment to Excellence

We promise to deliver unparalleled training and consulting services, finely tuned to elevate the capabilities of both individuals and organizations.

We understand that a company’s vitality lies in the health and happiness of its workforce. That’s why our comprehensive services are designed with precision to enhance the employee experience, harness the power of technological innovation, and promote a culture of comprehensive wellness.

Empowering Your Workforce

With our extensive knowledge in psychology, counseling, and social work, we introduces a unique, all-encompassing strategy to workforce development. We enable organizations to create and execute impactful training programs that not only improve job performance but also foster well-being and job satisfaction.

Our goal is to guide your team toward excellence, making every member feel valued, engaged, and perfectly in tune with your corporate mission. Let Blended Concept help you uplift your organization’s most crucial asset—its people—to unparalleled heights.

Our Core Members

Our team is a blend of diverse talents and backgrounds, each member bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. From sustainability experts who have pioneered green initiatives to leadership coaches who understand the intricacies of human dynamics in the workplace, we are united by a shared goal: to empower businesses to achieve lasting, meaningful success.

MSc Environmental Engineering, Practising Management Consultant (PMC-11058), Certified Learning Developer and Adult Education, Certified Career Advisor, ICF Certified Coach

Martin Fung is a distinguished figure in the field of sustainability, driven by the conviction that sustainable practices are essential for the modern business landscape. With over 15 years of dedicated experience in sustainability consulting, Martin has witnessed the transformative shift in the international sustainability landscape and understands the critical impact of sustainable practices on a company’s financial health and operational efficiency.

Martin excels in devising innovative solutions that balance social, environmental, and economic sustainability. His strategic approach involves tailoring sustainability strategies to align with a company’s ethos and objectives, facilitating not just a reduction in carbon footprint but also improvements in operational efficiency, cost reduction, and brand enhancement.

His methodology is deeply rooted in strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, and effective communication, enabling him to establish enduring relationships with clients and drive significant, meaningful change. Martin’s expertise and passion position him as a pivotal resource for businesses aiming to integrate sustainability into their operations and achieve a competitive edge through responsible practices.


MSc Social Work, Certified Learning Developer and Adult Education, Registered Social Worker, Practicing Motivational Interviewer and Workplace Leadership Developer

Goh Wai Fu stands at the forefront of empathic leadership development, blending a rich academic background with extensive practical experience to empower leaders and organizations. With a Master of Science in Social Work (MSc Social Work) and certifications in Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) and Diploma in Adult and Continuing Education (DACE), Wai Fu brings a unique perspective to leadership training and development.

As a Registered Social Worker, Wai Fu’s approach is deeply rooted in the principles of empathy and understanding, ensuring that leadership development is not just about guiding others but about fostering genuine connections. His expertise as a Practicing Motivational Interviewer underscores his ability to inspire change and growth in individuals and teams.

Specializing in Workplace Leadership Development, Wai Fu has a proven track record of transforming workplace cultures and enhancing team dynamics through bespoke training programs. His work is dedicated to nurturing leaders who are not only capable of achieving organizational goals but also committed to the well-being and development of their teams.

Wai Fu’s commitment to empathic leadership and his comprehensive skill set make him a pivotal member of our team, driving positive change and fostering environments where both individuals and organizations can thrive.

M Tech (Knowledge Engg), M Eng Sc (Systems and Control), Specialist Adult Educator (Curriculum Development), Developer of Digital Training Solutions

Daniel Ong is a seasoned professional who has made substantial contributions to education, technology and business development. As a consultant and entrepreneur of an educational technology startup, he brings strategic insights and expertise to design and develop training solutions to organisations and institutions of learning.   
As a Specialist Adult Educator, Lecturer, Trainer, Facilitator and Assessor, Daniel brings a comprehensive set of skills to the table, in imparting knowledge and facilitating learning experiences to individuals and organisations.   His commitment to cutting edge technologies and application in practical training scenarios has won him recognition for his work in digital training solutions including augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) simulations. 


Having held leadership positions in a Polytechnic, a University and a private institution of learning, Daniel contributed significantly to the academic and technological development of educational institutions.  


Alastair Leo Tan

Master of Social Science (Professional Counselling), Swinburne University of Technology, Executive/Life Coach, International Coach Institute Master Practitioner, Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Alastair Leo Tan brings over three decades of diversified expertise to leadership development and organizational transformation. His career spans dynamic roles—from marketing and entrepreneurship to strategic consulting and management, culminating in his impactful work as a trained counsellor, therapist, and executive life coach. This blend of experiences underpins his holistic approach to guiding organizations and individuals through growth and change.

Adept in high-level communication and strategic insights, Alastair’s analytical prowess is balanced with a deep-rooted empathy, developed through professional counselling training. This combination enables him to effectively address both organizational challenges and the personal development of those he works with.

Driven by a firm belief in the intrinsic potential within each individual, Alastair is committed to making a lasting, positive impact. His aim is to foster a transformative legacy that transcends professional achievements to enrich personal lives. An endurance athlete and avid golfer, his personal discipline and pursuit of excellence reflect in his professional ethos, making him a valued partner in achieving leadership excellence and organizational resilience.

Our Approach: Tailored Solutions for Transformative Impact

Crafting Customized Strategies for Your Unique Path to Success

At Blended Concept, we believe in the power of collaboration and the importance of bespoke solutions.

Recognizing the distinct nature of each organization, we ensure our consultancy services are meticulously tailored to meet your unique challenges and leverage your specific opportunities.

Our commitment is to provide strategies that are as distinctive and effective as your organization itself. From sustainability reporting and leadership workshops to wellness programs, our goal is to deliver impactful interventions and practical insights, custom-fit to drive meaningful change within your business.

man using MacBook

Our Solutions

We help evolve practices by valuing and uplifting the individuals who drive your business forward, ensuring that every step towards sustainability is both meaningful and manageable.

Ensure your employees’ well-being is never neglected. True productivity stems from a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Partner with us to turn this ideal into a tangible reality for your organization.

Thriving organizations place people at their core, transforming managers into inspiring people leaders. Collaborate with us to create a customized training program, meticulously designed to meet your organization’s unique needs by our seasoned consultants.

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