Sustainability Consultancy

As a member of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), we help companies align themselves with standards to promote transparency and accountability in corporate sustainability reporting.
In so doing, companies are able to optimise scaling efforts by improving credibility, risk management, stakeholders engagement, market access and efficiency.

What we do

We provide clarity to your sustainability journey

Sustainability adoption is often a confusing process. Other than clarifying on the sustainability eco-system, we help companies evaluate and scope their sustainability needs and develop implementation plans for long-term growth and strategic positioning. 

We help companies address questions such as:

  1. What are the risks and opportunities of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors for your business?
  2. What are your stakeholders’ expectations on these topics?
  3. Which of these sustainability factors should you prioritize?
  4. What actions should you implement to address your material sustainability factors?
  5. 1. How do you measure and report your sustainability performance?
  6. Which sustainability initiatives and frameworks should I address (UN Global Compact, UN SDGs, GRI Standards, Integrated Reporting, CDP, SBTi, DJSI, EcoVadis etc)
  7. How do you make your sustainability practices recognized?
  8. Which control measures can you implement to assess your sustainability process?
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Our approach

We offer solutions at every step of the sustainability journey


  • Identify the company’s current sustainability performance, risks, and opportunities.
  • Cover environmental, social, and governance factors.
  • Engage with stakeholders to identify their expectations and priorities.


  • Set targets and goals for improving sustainability performance.
  • Identify key actions to achieve these goals.
  • Integrate sustainability considerations into the company’s overall business strategy.


  • Implement new policies, procedures, and practices to improve sustainability performance.
  • Engage employees and stakeholders to support the strategy.
  • Track progress against targets and goals set in the strategy.


  • Ensure sustainability reporting is transparent, comprehensive, and comparable.
  • Align with recognized sustainability reporting frameworks, such as GRI or SASB.


  • Achieve recognition for sustainability efforts through awards, certifications, or ratings from third-party organizations.
  • Examples of third-party organizations include DJSI, GRI or CDP.

Why should companies invest in sustainability?

An ESG sustainability program for a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) is designed to promote a sustainable and responsible business that takes into account economic, social, and environmental considerations

By reducing their environmental impact, SMEs can enhance their sustainability credentials, appeal to environmentally conscious consumers, and comply with regulatory requirements. This can also lead to cost savings through energy and resource efficiency.

Promoting social responsibility can improve SMEs’ relationships with their employees, customers, and communities. This can enhance the SMEs’ brand reputation and customer loyalty, which can be particularly important for SMEs seeking to differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace.

Implementing a strong ESG program can help SMEs establish good corporate governance practices, which can enhance their transparency, accountability, and ethical behavior. This can lead to improved relationships with stakeholders, including investors and suppliers, who may prioritize sustainable and responsible business practices.

ESG programs can help SMEs identify and manage risks associated with environmental, social, and governance issues, as well as reputational and regulatory risks. This can enhance their resilience to disruptive events, such as natural disasters or market downturns.

Implementing an ESG sustainability program can improve SMEs’ financial performance by reducing costs, improving efficiency, and enhancing their reputation with stakeholders. This can lead to increased revenue, improved profitability, and better access to financing.

Engaging with stakeholders, including employees, customers, suppliers, and investors, can help SMEs better understand their expectations and priorities, and align their ESG efforts accordingly. This can lead to stronger relationships with stakeholders, improved trust, and enhanced reputation.

Our Head Consultant in Sustainability

MSc Environmental Engineering, Practising Management Consultant (PMC-11058), DACE, ACTA, Certified Career Advisor, ICF Certified Coach

As a sustainability professional, I believe that sustainability is not just an option, but a need for businesses today. With 15 years of experience in sustainability consulting, I have seen firsthand the transformative change in sustainability landscape internationally, and the impact that sustainable practices can have on a company’s bottom line. That’s why I am passionate about fostering growth and collaboration for businesses to help them integrate sustainability into their operations and maximize return-on-investment.

Through my work, I specialize in identifying innovative solutions that promote social, environmental, and economic sustainability. By developing strategies that align with a company’s values and goals, I help them not only reduce their carbon footprint but also improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance their brand reputation.

My approach is grounded in strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, and effective communication, which enables me to build strong relationships with clients and drive meaningful change. 

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We help evolve practices by valuing and uplifting the individuals who drive your business forward, ensuring that every step towards sustainability is both meaningful and manageable.

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