Employee Assistance Solutions

You can provide a positive and productive work environment by supporting your employees with what they need, to manage their wellbeing and handle life’s challenges.

Organisations with strong employee wellbeing experience benefits both at the individual and organisational level

Employee assistance programs (EAPs) are work-based programs that provide employees with access to a range of resources and support to help them manage personal and work-related problems.

EAPs help employees manage stress, mental health challenges, and personal problems, leading to improved overall health, productivity, and job satisfaction. They also benefit employers by reducing absenteeism and turnover and improving the company culture.


Developing Impactful Employee Assistance Programmes

To create a great workplace, companies need to prioritise employee care and experiences to drive business success.

Whether you are looking to establish an EAP from scratch or revamp your existing program, we can help you create a program that drives positive change for your organisation and its employees. 

Outsourced Employee Assistance Services

With our experience and network in the field of counselling, we offer counselling and support services to your employees. Free your organisation from the ethical complications that come along with in-house employee assistance services.


Are you looking for a transformational learning experience that will elevate your employee experience? Check out our Employee Experience programmes to find one that meets your organisation’s needs and schedule. 

Through interactive exercises that challenge participants to think critically and reflect on their own experiences and beliefs, your employees will have the opportunity to truly internalise and apply key insights to personal and professional growth. They will not only gain valuable skills and knowledge, but also develop the ability to think deeply and reflexively about their own learning and growth.

Explore Other Solutions For Your Company

Supercharged Sessions

Whether you are looking for a lunchtime session or an teaser into what we offer under our fully customisable programmes, we’ve got you covered with our 60-90 mins Supercharged Sessions.

Funded Corporate Programmes

Design a training programme fully tailored to the specific needs of your organisation together with our highly experienced programme consultants. 

Consultancy Services

Change does not imply a need to overhaul systems. We journey with you by focusing on the human experiences within your organisation.

Serious About Your Growth? Check Out Our Immersive Programmes.

Don't miss our Supercharged Sessions too, the perfect lunchtime talk.

Expanding your horizon? Check out our latest HR insights.

Let's Transform Your Employee Experience Together

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