Psychological Risk Mitigation (Security Industry)

Did you know that psychological risks are a leading cause of officers’ turnover and decreased productivity in the security industry?
According to a survey by the Union of Security Employees (USE), 6 in 10 security officers are looking to leave the industry, and 4 in 10 faces abuse at the workplace. Over 40 per cent of a sample of 1,002 security officers reported experiencing verbal or physical abuse at work (The Straits Times, 2022).
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What Are Psychological Risks?

In the context of security companies, some of the psychological risks that may be present include:

  • Exposure to traumatic events such as violence, aggression, and accidents, which can cause psychological distress.

  • Long working hours and shift work which can disrupt their sleep patterns and cause fatigue, leading to stress and burnout.

  • High-pressure work environment where they need to make quick decisions and respond to emergencies

  • Dealing with difficult or aggressive customers that can be emotionally challenging.

By addressing these psychological risks and promoting employee well-being, security companies can create a healthier and more productive workplace for their employees.

Our Risk Mitigation Consultancy Services

We know that addressing psychological risks is essential for creating a safe and productive workplace. Failing to manage these risks can lead to decreased employee satisfaction, higher turnover rates, and increased liability for your company. Especially in the security industry.

That’s why we’re here to help. Our team of experienced professionals specializes in mitigating psychological risks in the security industry. We adapt our solutions to meet operational needs as we understand the challenges of operational constraints. We help your company promote officers’ well-being to reduce risk from negative outcomes.

Don’t let psychological risks take a toll on your security company.

Remember this: The impact of psychological risks is not limited to security officers. Customers who interact with security personnel may also be at risk of psychological harm, particularly in high-stress situations such as emergencies or crises.

Partner With BC to Discover How We Can Help Your Security Personnel

We understand your needs. From operational constraints to seeking funds, we have a team of specialists who understand the realities of running a security business. That’s why we are confident that we can provide solutions that you’ll need. 


We partner with you directly. Our consultancy services include a comprehensive assessment of your company’s psychological risk profile, as well as a review of current policies and procedures related to mental health and well-being. We will also provide recommendations for improving these policies and procedures, and develop a roadmap for implementing these changes.

Discovery and alignment:

Let's talk about your leadership, your strategy and align on expectations and desired goals.

Building and launching:

Let's create and activate on a robust strategy designed to meet your organization's needs, then track your progress.

Measuring and analyzing:

Let's walk through your results, together, and have in-depth conversations that lead to real change.

Our approach to consultancy is based on the latest research and best practices in workplace mental health. We recognize that every company is unique, and we will work closely with you to develop customized solutions that meet the specific needs of your organization.

Our Solutions

By implementing these solutions, your company can create a healthier and more resilient workforce, reduce turnover rates, and improve overall officers’ satisfaction. We will work closely with your company to develop customized solutions that meet your specific needs and ensure that you are providing a safe and supportive workplace for all.

We can conduct assessments to identify potential psychological risks in the workplace, such as high job demands, low job control, or exposure to traumatic events. Based on the assessment, we will provide recommendations for reducing these risks.

We offer training programs to help security officers develop skills and strategies for managing stress, such as relaxation techniques, time management skills, and mindfulness. We adapt these training so that they do not affect your operations.

We can help your company develop a trauma response plan to ensure that officers are prepared to respond to traumatic events in a safe and effective manner. This includes training on trauma-informed care and support services for officers who have experienced trauma.

We can assist your company in developing employee support programs, such as employee assistance programs (EAPs) or peer support programs. These programs provide employees with confidential and accessible support for a range of mental health concerns.

We can review your company’s policies and procedures related to mental health and well-being and provide recommendations for improving these policies. This includes ensuring that policies are in line with best practices and legal requirements.

We offer training programs for managers on how to recognize and respond to officers’ mental health concerns. This includes training on how to have difficult conversations, how to make reasonable accommodations, and how to promote a culture of openness and support.


We explore and leverage on grants to support the upskilling of our officers. Speak to us to learn more.