Our Framework

Helping You Maximise the Potential of Each Employee’s Life Cycle

A Holistic Approach to Employee Experience

At Blended Concept, we believe that supporting your employees is key to driving business success. That’s why we offer a holistic approach to employee experience, covering all stages of the employee life cycle.

From selecting the right candidates to aligning them with your organisation’s values, we help you create a strong foundation for employee success. We also provide ongoing development opportunities to help each employee reach their full potential. But our support doesn’t stop there. We evaluate your organisation’s strengths and support for employees throughout their journey with you, from the moment they join your team to the moment they leave.

By taking a holistic approach to employee experience, we can help you create a positive and engaging work environment that drives employee satisfaction and retention.

Maximising Your Employees Life Cycle

The employee life-cycle model describes the stages an employee goes through while working for a company. We design strategies to shape employee experience and align your organisation’s purpose with your employees’ individual life purpose right from the start.  When employees are aligned, they start to find meaning in the things they do at work. Throughout their time with your company, they are continuously engaged, performing and growing with your company. Ultimately, this results in a better reputation and success in recruitment and retention for your company in the long run. 

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Supercharged Sessions

Whether you are looking for a lunchtime session or an teaser into what we offer under our fully customisable programmes, we’ve got you covered with our 60-90 mins Supercharged Sessions.

Funded Corporate Programmes

Design a training programme fully tailored to the specific needs of your organisation together with our highly experienced programme consultants. 

Consultancy Services

Change does not imply a need to overhaul systems. We journey with you by focusing on the human experiences within your organisation.