Crush Your Self-Sabotaging Thoughts To Live An Unstoppable Life

“I’m seriously not cut out for this job. My boss had to make so many edits.”

“My colleagues secretly think I’m incompetent, they’re just trying to be nice to my face.”

“I only did well on that project because I got lucky.”

If these statements sound familiar, you may have already been defeated by your greatest enemy – yourself. Your self-sabotaging thoughts not only impact your present well-being, but also hinder you from achieving your goals and creating value for those around you. In this Supercharge session, you will learn to replace your unhelpful self-evaluation patterns with constructive ones so that you don’t become your greatest enemy, but your biggest supporter.  

Duration: 60 – 90 mins

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how your values, beliefs, biases and emotions shape your responses in times of difficulty.
  • Differentiate between constructive and destructive self-evaluation
  • Acquire strategies to develop constructive outlook and manage difficult emotions for positive outcomes

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